The Other Numbers From The Olympic Games: 115 Million Viewers In Japan, 651,000 COVID-19 Tests

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An event as big as the Olympic Games always leaves some interesting numbers and statistics behind it, even with this summer’s Games becoming known as the Pandemic Games.

With no fans allowed to attend because of COVID-19 restrictions, over 115 million people watched on in Japan alone, despite protests against the Games going ahead in Tokyo. In all, over 91 percent of the Japanese population watched action from Tokyo 2020 on television.

As many as 651,296 COVID-19 tests were carried out to members of the Olympic family, of which just 151 returned positive tests, a percentage of 0.02pc. A further 42,711 were carried out at airports, with 37 positives reported, being 0.09pc.

Across social media, posts from the International Olympic Committee and Tokyo 2020 generated over 4.7 billion interactions.

As many as 93 countries won medals this summer, with the United States winning the most with 113 and Moldova claiming one bronze.

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