Israel Invents Inhaler That Cure COVID-19 In Just 5 Days

Vaccines are claimed to be the biggest hope in getting out of the coronavirus pandemic and returning to normality. However, they may not be the only solution, or even the best one.

In Israel, professor Nadri Aber has invented a miracle inhaler which can cure COVID-19 in just five days.

His inhaler has an efficacy of 96 percent, with 29 of the 30 patients who trialled it at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre recovering rapidly from the virus and leaving the hospital between three and five days. Only one inhalation was enough to fight off the virus, even with more serious cases.

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Nadir himself described it as an “unprecedented invention” after seeing the results.

“It is an innovative device based on exosomes enriched in CD24 that can be inhaled directly into the lungs “, said Nadir.

The device now only needs to be approved by national and international health authorities in order to be used amongst the general public.

Israel isn’t the only place where alternatives to vaccines are being studied. In the Gregorio Maranon hospital in Madrid, tests are being carried out with a treatment for serious cases which involves an intravenous injection of enriched immunoglobulin. Early results have been promising with the first two patients to receive the treatment having been released from hospital.

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  1. Congratulations we had been told steam inhalation twice daily for 5days will cure the sickness so lets embark on the steam inhalation to control the spread of Covid 19 as well as taking hot tea twice daily God bless

  2. It’s great and latest news that I see on this page . Keep up the current global information. Appreciate.🙏🙏🙏

  3. Thank You Father for Your grace that’s sufficient. God bless the researchers. Covid will be defeated, whether it was created or not.

  4. I wonder if Genuine Inhaler which can cure covd 19 within 5 days can be approved by W.H.O .and Conspirators of their evil agenda.
    Thank God Lord JEHOVAH Of TRUTH God Reigns. We pray that The Evil plans of The Devil and iys Cohorts be annulled in The name of JESUS.
    God ALMIGHTY says We should Populate and the Evil Conspirators says Depopulation.
    May Fire of GOD consume them in their Diabolical Evil Plans.

  5. Hopefully this nasal spray will be approved. Only thing we do not know about any side effects yet. If side effects are like the present injected vaccine, then no use. But, can at least save lives fast.

  6. God gave knowledge for precisely this reason…in order for His people not to perish.
    Therefore, all glory and honour unto Father, Son and Holy Spirit for giving mankind the gift of scientists like Aber, to give filip to the global battle against covid-19.
    The good Lord will not forsake His own, for Christ’s sake. Amen!

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