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About Us

World Top News Ng is an online Global News and Information Company dealing in politics, policies and all aspects of human endeavours. Our reach is limitless, covering issues in all the 36 states of Nigeria, Ghana, London, New York, European Union, France, Canada, Glasgow, Malaysia, Singapore and expanding into other parts of the world.

World Top News Ng has one of the most robust and rapidly expanding roster of journalists covering happenings around the world. Since its launch in 2013, the media outfit, which first came up as a blogspot was re-engineered in March 2017 to advance in intelligent media enterprise.

We have been delivering journalism in terms of providing credible news stories on politics, crime, business, sports and policy making, making us more authoritative in our sophistication and nonpartisan perspective than any other competitors. That is more useful to people with interest in public affairs; and that is more fun to read for a community of people who love the drama and sports of politics and other spheres of human life.


Our Mission is to impartially explore and report people, their activities in private and public life in order to engender a well developed and secured society.

We believe in informing the public, as well as holding leaders accountable and will forever promote democracy and good governance. As events unfold, we break the News!

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