Will Smith Spotted Out In Public For First Time Since Oscars Slap, Visiting Guru In India

On Saturday, Will Smith was spotted out in public for the first time since slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, landing in India to meet with a spiritual guru.

Smith touched down at a private airport in Mumbai, India and took selfies with some fans and even the flight crew. It’s still unclear why Smith is in Mumbai, but some believe he’s there to meet with his spiritual guru to learn how to control his anger.

Will Smith waves and smiles at paps

He was seemingly on his own as he arrived at the hotel and paparazzi swarmed him. Smith waved and smiled at the paps as he entered the hotel, looking relaxed and joyful while posing for pictures.

Since his apology on March 28, Smith has yet to say anything in person or on social media regarding the Oscars slap. He gracefully accepted a 10-year ban from Academy events and is in the midst of multiple projects getting cancelled.

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