The WhatsApp Group To Prevent Another European Super League

The English teams were the first to leave the European Super League project, with Manchester City leading the line before the other five teams jumped ship.

Protests and fierce opposition towards the future competition was enough to stop the English clubs from being involved in the European Super League.

Important voices with a lot of respect in the world of English football also spoke out against the project, and a WhatsApp group has even been created in order to prevent any types of similar competitions in the future.

According to the Daily Mail, former Manchester United right-back and TV commentator Gary Neville has led the initiative.

Neville has brought together a group of players, experts, broadcasters and analysts to create a unified voice to fight against future attempts at a European Super League or similar ventures.

Former footballers such as Rio Ferdinand, Gary Lineker, Jamie Carragher and Steve McManaman are all thought to be part of this group.

Despite the fact that the members of this group led by Neville work on different TV channels, the ‘rivalry’ on the screen is not a problem for them to join forces to combat such projects like the European Super League.

According to the information from the Daily Mail, the first meeting between all of them has already taken place and the next one is scheduled soon.

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