New Jersey Declares Public Health Emergency Over Omicron

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The US state of New Jersey declared a public health emergency Tuesday, effective immediately, in the face of the omicron coronavirus variant.

The move, declared by Governor Phil Murphy, aims to ensure that the state is able to respond to the continued threat of the coronavirus and the rapidly spreading omicron variant.

“COVID-19 remains a significant threat to our state and we must commit every resource available to beating back the wave caused by the omicron variant,” Murphy said in a statement.

The emergency allows state agencies and departments to utilize state resources to assist the health care system and affected communities responding to and recovering from coronavirus cases.

The governor said the move does not mean that there would be any mandates or vaccine passports, lockdowns, any business restrictions or gathering limits.

“What it does mean is that we can continue moving forward with our coordinated and responsible approach to putting omicron and COVID behind us,” he said.

New Jersey is registering nearly 35,000 new cases daily and more than 10,000 people have been hospitalized due to COVID, said Murphy.

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