Man Kicked Out Of Disney World For Waving “Trump 2020” Banner During Ride

A former Marine has been barred from the “most magical place on Earth” after he waved a “Trump 2020” banner while riding Disney World’s Splash Mountain last week.


Dion Cini, 49 who says he has unfurled pro-Trump banners or flags at other events, including a Broadway show told CBS News Wednesday that he purposefully did this at the Magic Kingdom to test their policy.


Cini posted about his experience at the Florida amusement park on Facebook last week, including a photo of himself with the political banner and a citation he received from Walt Disney World.


The citation read: “Trespassed from all of Walt Disney World properties to include, but not limited to, Theme Parks, Water Parks, Resorts and Disney Springs.”


According to a Disney spokesperson, this means Cini is “permanently prohibited” from visiting any of the Disney parks after repeated offenses.


“Walt Disney World welcomes all Guests to enjoy our parks; however, demonstrations and the display of signs and banners is not permitted on the premises,” a Disney spokesperson said.


“We have previously reminded this guest about our rules.”

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