Kaka Advice To Neymar: Change Your Name To Reymar If You Want To Win FIFA World Footballer

Orlando City star Kaka had an interesting suggestion to compatriot Neymar after his impressive display against Paris Saint-Germain, joking that he should change his name if he truly wants to compete for Lionel Messi’s throne.

The ex-Milanista is in fine form at the start of the MLS season, and a new training regimen has some wondering if he could possibly return to Tite’s national team squad.

“I believe that Neymar is next in line for best in the world, for all that he has done in Barcelona, but I think if he changed his name to Reymar he’d have an even better chance,” he joked in an interview with Brazil’s Record TV.

“All the Brazilian greats who have won have names that start with the letter R.”

Romario, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Rivelino are some that come to mind, but perhaps Kaka was actually referring to himself, as his first name is Ricardo.

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