I Don’t Think Djokovic Is The Only One Who Has Done Things Wrong – Nadal

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Rafael Nadal got his Australian Open campaign off to a winning start on Monday, and despite knowing that Novak Djokovic’s absence makes things easier for him, the Spaniard admitted that the Serbian star isn’t the only one who has done things wrong.

Djokovic saw his visa for Australia revoked twice, after numerous appeals, only for his deportation to eventually be completed, leaving him unable to compete in the tournament.

“He’s not the only one that probably did the things bad in that case,” Nadal declared.

“Of course, there are more responsible in this terrible situation that we faced for the last two weeks. But of course, he is one of those responsible, too.

“So, on a personal level, yes, I would like to see him playing here. If it is fair or not that he’s playing here is another discussion that I don’t want to talk any more about.”

Nadal also touched on the judicial process which led to Djokovic being deported from Australia, intimating that he would always back the decision of a judge.

“Almost one week ago, when he won in the first instance, the case, he was able to get back his visa and practising. I said the justice had spoken,” Nadal continued.

“If the justice says his visa is valid and he’s able to play here, the justice has spoken, so that’s the fairest thing. Yesterday, the justice said another thing. I will never be against what the justice says.”

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