English FA Launches Super League Probe Into 6 Clubs

The English Football Association (FA) said Monday that it has formally kicked off an investigation into six English clubs over their involvement in the breakaway European Super League.

“Last week, we started an official inquiry into the formation of the European Super League and the involvement of the six English clubs. We wrote to all of the clubs to formally request all relevant information and evidence regarding their participation,” the FA said in a statement.

On April 19, 12 European football clubs – including England’s Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur – said in a joint statement that they had decided to establish the European Super League.

It was an alternative mid-week tournament that FIFA and UEFA and national member associations do not recognize.

The FA also said that necessary steps would be taken once they have the required information.

“Throughout this period, we [the FA] have been in ongoing discussions with the [UK] government, the Premier League and UEFA. In particular, we have been discussing legislation with the government that would allow us to prevent any similar threat in the future so that we can protect the English football pyramid,” it added.

The clubs were under fire after they said they had founded the breakaway Super League. UEFA, FIFA, local football associations and football fans condemned their initiative.

The European Super League project collapsed after six English clubs, Italy’s AC Milan and Inter Milan and Spain’s Atletico Madrid withdrew from it.

However, former UEFA Champions League champions Barcelona and Real Madrid still favor the breakaway league.​​​​​​​

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