Details Of Marc Overmars’ Ajax Scandal And His ‘Secret’ Nickname

Marc Overmars stepped down from his role as Director of Football at Ajax due to inappropriate messages sent to female colleagues.

The former Barcelona, Arsenal and Ajax player’s scandal has left many football fans across the world shocked at the news, leading him to release a statement.

“I am ashamed,” Overmars’ statement read.

“Last week I was confronted with reports about my behaviour and how this has come across to others.”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that I was crossing the line with this, but that was made clear to me in recent days.”

“I suddenly felt enormous pressure. I apologise. Certainly for someone in my position, this behaviour is unacceptable.”

“I now see that too. But it is too late. I see no other option but to leave Ajax.”

Overmars sent x-rated photos to a number of female colleagues

Dutch newspaper Het Parool shared the news that Overmars took and shared images of his genitals to a female employee at Ajax.

It is believed by Dutch press that the photos were sent from the bathrooms of the offices of the Amsterdam club as the recipients were able to recognise the tiling.

Now more female employees at Ajax are coming forward to reveal the true details of sexism that are going on at the club, with one account recalling that secret images have been taken of female staff during meetings, for it to be commented on in private group chats.

Criminal consequences could follow

Marc Overmars, who issued a statement apologising for his behaviour in the immediate aftermath when the scandal broke, may face criminal consequences for his actions.

As reported by Het Parool, at present neither the victims nor Ajax nor the Federation have filed a complaint against the former Dutch international.

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