David Beckham, Son In Car Accident After Arsenal’s Training

After they had left Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium where they had chosen to attend the training of the London club, David Beckham and his son Brooklyn were involved in an car accident.

As he left the car after the incident, Beckham assumed all the blame for the accident.

According to statements collected by The Sun newspaper, the player drove up a road without noticing that another vehicle was coming in the opposite direction, on the same side of the road, causing the collision.

“It was a miracle that no one was seriously injured, David did not stop apologising the whole time,” a witness said.

“David was hit on the driver’s side and it could’ve been much worse.”

Fortunately, everything was just a scare and both Beckham Sr. and Jr. didn’t suffer serious injuries, except for a minor shoulder complaint for the former Real Madrid player which has forced him to rest for a few days.

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