Brexit Vote Date On Theresa May’s Deal Confirmed As Trump Warns It Favours EU

Donald Trump has said Theresa May’s Brexit agreement “sounds like a great deal” for the EU, and may hinder trade between the UK and US.


The US president issued his warning hours after the prime minister faced an onslaught of criticism from hostile MPs in the Commons as she pitched her Brexit deal to them, saying that rejecting the agreement would cause division and uncertainty.


The date of the MPs’ vote on the agreement was revealed as 11 December, giving the prime minister a fortnight to avert what threatens to be a humiliating defeat at the hands of scores of Conservative rebels.


In a debate lasting nearly three hours, Ms May was forced time after time to defend her strategy as Tory grandees and opposition members alike lined up to attack aspects of the withdrawal agreement signed in Brussels at the weekend.


With 90 or more Conservative MPs indicating they could rebel in the “meaningful vote”, Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay admitted the prime minister faces a “challenging” division.


European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, warned that there would be no more negotiation if MPs vote down the agreement.


“This is the best deal for Britain … and this is the only deal possible, so if the House says no, we would have no deal”, he said.

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