Brazil’s New Foreign Minister Has A Pro-Trump Blog

Brazil’s incoming president on Wednesday announced his pick for foreign minister, a die-hard Trump supporter who has lauded the US president for protecting the West from “globalist cultural Marxism” on his personal blog.


President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, who won 55% of votes Oct. 28 in a race that has signaled the beginning of a monumental shift in Brazilian politics, shared his plans to appoint Ernesto Fraga Araújo to head the foreign ministry on Twitter, praising the “brilliant intellectual” with 29 years of experience.


For the past two years, Araújo has overseen the United States and Canada office in the Department of Foreign Affairs.


Shortly after Bolsonaro’s announcement, Kramer tweeted that with Araújo running the foreign ministry (also known as Itamaraty), “Brazil will finally resume its Western tradition/vocation” and could finally move away from “communist, third world ideological grub.”


Araújo has been openly supportive of both Bolsonaro and Trump on his blog, which is a collection of arguments against globalism.


He once wrote an article called “Trump in the West,” in which he applauded the US leader for saving Western, Christian societies from radical Islam and global cultural Marxism a phrase frequently associated with anti-Semitism.


In the same piece, he rails against acceptance of transgender people, writing that they are “denying the biological fact of the birth of each person in a given gender.”

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