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Tucker Carlson Confirms He Is Interviewing Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

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Mainstream American media outlets are currently going berserk because American journalist Tucker Carlson just confirmed he will interview Russian president Vladimir Putin.

An interview that is taking place inside the Kremlin and is already being considered as a direct betrayal to the country from Carlson. Initially, he was being coy about the his visit to Moscow but the painting was always on the wall. It was obvious his intention was to get that interview with Putin and allow the Russian president to speak directly to the American publit through Tucker’s platform.

When asked by local Russian media if he was going to interview Putin, Carlson only said that he maybe was going to do so. However, the pressure was too high for him and he had to spill the tea.

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Tucker Carlson tasted Kanye West’s oat milk before their interview IG/@kanyewest

Why is Tucker Carlson doing an interview on Putin?

Tucker Carlson was compelled to release a video explainer to why he will interview Russia president Vladimir Putin. In his eyes, the war between Russia and Ukraine has been handled terribly by the Biden administration.

He wants to get the other side of the story as well, something that has never been attempted before in modern times. Every time we get news about Russia from the American media, we get the more state-friendly version of what is actually happening. President Vladimir Putin has been attacking Ukraine for two years now and the war doesn’t seem like it is slowing down.

Rogue journalists like Tucker Carlson are the only one who are capable of getting a more accurate picture of the conflict.

Whether you like Tucker Carlson or not, his actions will have a profound effect in American democracy during an election year. By giving president Putin the platform to speak his version of the story, only more divide between the two-party system will come.

However, it is also a fact that everybody will be watching this interview to see whether the line of questioning from Tucker Carlson is biased or if we are getting the more objective side of him as a journalist. People watching are the ones who will decide this. One thing is for certain now. Tucker Carlson is making a lot of enemies in Washington by doing this interview.

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