True Confession: I Have Not Had Sex For Ten Years – Genevieve Nnanji

I don’t know what to make of this and I am sure many of you out there will surely find this difficult to believe but Nollywood star actress and unarguably, the most popular actress in Africa, Genevieve Nnaji has come out with this stunning confession that for ten good years, she has not gone under the sheets to perform any naughty act with a man. Hmmm, so, you may ask, she has only been using her ‘thing’ to ‘piss’? Just as I find this confession of hers hard to cotton to, some ‘aprokos’ are telling me to ask her what she was doing with ‘No Long Thing’ crooner, Dapo Oyebanji aka D’Banj. Were they just staring at the ‘long thing’ or was the ‘thing’ not long enough? I shudder to think that D’Banj actually let her ‘hold body’ while he was just blowing songs for her. My dear Genny, do not let any of these nay-sayers pull you down. If you say you did not ‘do’ for ten years, who is there to test you? It is your prerogative but now that I hear you are getting set to say ‘I Do’, I am sure you will need to do a whole new ‘re-opening’ or may be I should say official ‘re-launching’. Whichever, I have got your back.

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