Steer Clear Of Ogun PDP Politics, Youth Groups Warn Fayose

Coalition of PDP Youth Groups (CPYG) in Ogun State has warned the former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose to steer clear of the politics of PDP in Ogun State and the entire South West in general or else be declared persona-non grata and barred from setting his foot on any part of the state.

“We say this without prejudice to Fayose’s rights to take political apprenticeship in a drunken spoilt brat, but any attempt to foist such on the good people of Ogun State will be highly resisted.

“Fayose needs to know that Ogun State is not Ekiti and we have managed our uniqueness and peculiarities in a lot of ways over the years even long before Ekiti was carved out of the old Ondo State. We therefore wonder where Fayose derives his Authority to want to Lord it over the people of Ogun State and the entire South West.

“We consider it an insult for such a garrulous person to try to put himself in a position of eminence over and above those who are better than him in all ramifications.

“The Yoruba culture and ethos was founded on the Principle of Omoluwabi, all tenets of which have been found wanting in the character parading himself as a leader of PDP South West. We consider this a grace insult on the sensibilities of well meaning people of the South West to call Fayose to order and rein in his madness before he destroys everything left of the integrity of PDP in the South West region.

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