Revealed: Tiger Woods Was Driving 40mph Over The Speed Limit

Tiger Woods had a series car accident after driving 40mph over the speed limit.

The Los Angeles County authorities released a report on Wednesday detailing the reason behind the golf legend’s accident on February 23, in which they revealed that he was travelling at 84 to 87mph in a 45mph zone.

“It was an unsafe speed, that was the main factor,” sheriff Alex Villanueva commented.

The accident occurred in Palos Verdes, an area that has become notorious for speeding accidents.

After colliding with the central strip of the highway, Woods’ vehicle span round before stopping, and he had to be rescued from his vehicle.

Despite the speed at which he was driving, the authorities determined that they will not press criminal charges, and he will not appear in front of a judge.

Woods is currently recovering at home after a series of operations on the severe injuries to his right leg.

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