Mexico Says It Will Deport Nearly 100 Migrants Who Tried To Cross US Border

Mexican federal authorities surrounded a shelter in Tijuana holding members of a caravan of Central American migrants and refugees Monday as the country said it was deporting anyone who crossed illegally the day before.


More than 100 federal police officers, some with riot gear, circled the Benito Juarez shelter, where many migrants making their way to the U.S., are staying on Monday.


It was unclear why the police were lined up around the shelter and what their role would be as some of the migrants wait for a chance to claim asylum in the United States.


The authorities could be there to prevent a confrontation similar to Sunday’s incident at the border.


Mexico’s Ministry of the Interior said Monday that 98 migrants were apprehended and turned over to the authorities in order to be deported to their countries of origin because of the “violent behavior of a group of migrants who tried to attack and injure” officials who were guarding the border.


The agency also said it was working with authorities to find other individuals involved in Sunday’s incident and “carry out their immediate deportation” if appropriate.

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