Marry Two Or More Women To Reduce Prostitution Among Ladies – Imo Govt Appeals To Men

The Imo state Commissioner for Happiness, Mrs Oghechi Ololo, has appealed to men in her State to try to marry two or more women as a way of reducing prostitution and redundancy among Imo state Women.

Speaking in Owerri state capital this morning, Ololo said Imo state has more women than men forcing a lot of unmarried women to commit adultery with other people’s husbands.

The commissioner said according to statistics, out of approximately 3.9 million Imo state indigenes, 3 million are women and only 900, 000 are men.

“I am not forcing you, but just encouraging you to marry two or more wives to reduce on women staying without husbands”, Commissioner Ogechi told a conference of about 14,000 men who were receiving training in various life skills in the commercial capital.

“Our women are crying every day due to lack of men to marry and support them economically hence they engage in prostitution. So please try to work hard and be productive so that you can help our women by marrying two or more wives provided you are able to provide for their basic needs”.

“As government, we shall be giving some small incentives to such men provided you don’t abuse your wives”, said Commissioner Ogechi.

Imo state has the highest level of prostitution in South East among young girls and women who are not in school or formal employment.

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  1. Let it start with your husband. Alternatively advise Ndi Imo to reduce the high bride price to encourage men men from Imo and other States to marry ladies from there

  2. But this statistics is not correct if that is the true figure reported or typographic error.

    “The commissioner said according to statistics, out of approximately 3.9 million Imo state indigenes, 3 million are women and only 9 million are men.”

  3. Provided the man can love them equally, that will be a great achievement y reduce prostitution and unhealthy competition among women.

  4. That’s the most bold woman I have ever come across. But ma please don’t be offended, will it be okay with you if your husband decides to go for another wife? As for me, am in full support if and only if that would provide the solution to prostitution in the country : because that problem is not only perculier to Imo State alone. It’s a nation wide social vise

  5. Like we always preach to all and sundry. The religion of Islam is the only rich faith that has solutions to all humans problem. No other religion encourages poligamy except Islam. But religious hatred from chulches leaders and falsified biblical verses wouldn’t allow people to see the beautiful teachings of Islam. Thank God, white people are already waking up and have started seeing the true teachings of Islam. Hence their embracing Islam in multitude on daily basis. I hope people would leave religious sentiment and see Muslims as their brothers as Ishmael was to isaec from Abraham. Other religions preach one man one woman but keeps mute on the level of atrocities in places of worships. God help us.

  6. pls may I remind my srate, that among other Eastern state imo be the worst.first bad road you can’t to owerri without damaging your car,what kind of governance is talk of women prostituting why won’t they when there are hotel every corner no industrial layout ,even airport not up to standard no means of generating money for the state imo is not even a business area people are suffering there .nothing at all is working in imo.not even fertile land .Now you are pushing men into prostitution u should be ashamed of yourself

  7. Didn’t realise we still had such narrow minded people around
    Is the absence of having a husband the reason behind the prostitution or is it the sad state of finances generally?
    What kind of reasoning is this!?!
    This is infuriating and derogatory to women!!!!!
    So the only way to empower a woman is not to send her to school, but to get her married!!!
    This is mad and so wrong on so many levels. She can’t speak for women in this country!
    The men should work hard so they can marry 2 or more wives!!!! How many wives her own husband get?

  8. Ogechi Ololo, what does commissioner for happiness mean you shameless fool. Why are you giving advice on issues you are clueless about. Have your hubby taken a second wife? What type of contribution has your 419 brother, Okoro motor park made in Imo State, except looting the state purse with you all? All the years you resided in the US, what was your job Ms piggy. I wonder who your audience are.

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