Kanye West Is Named “Anti-Semite Of The Year” By

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Kanye West has had a very complicated end of the year, especially when it comes to his views on the Jewish faith and its community, which is why he was awarded the “anti-Semite of the Year” by a group that tracks Jewish hate.

Mohamed Hadid and Jon Minadeo II were the runners up

The group currently tracks those who are known for throwing shade at the Jew community. This year, there were two other finalists who are Mohamed Hadid and Jon Minadeo II, the first is the father of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid and the latter leads a white supremacist group called Goyim Defense League.

A representative of the website told the New York Post that “As you can imagine, Ye has garnered the most votes from the StopAntisemitism’s list of the top 10 ‘Anti-Semites of the Year’ in 2022, with Mohamed Hadid and Jon Minadeo II following closely behind,”

Kanye West spoke Ill about the Jewish community

“Ye is using his celebrity platform to promote anti-Semitic tropes about Jews and power and money. It was a lose-lose situation, as it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, since he knew he would lose those contracts and business relationships whether they were owned by Jews or not, while also perpetuating a black Hebrew Israelite fringe belief about blacks being the real Jews.”

Adidas and Balenciaga

Adidas, Balenciaga and other firms have decided to end commercial and creative relationships with Kanye West as they were getting much of the heat that Kanye was starting after the College Dropout “went on a two-week-plus anti-Semitic tirade on social media and press interviews,” the group said.

Hadid and Minadeo’s anti-Semitism

The group also said “Hadid recently navigated from Israel-bashing to promoting Nazi-like conspiracy theories of Jewish power when he openly stated, ‘Israel and the Jews control the media,”

In the other hand “Minadeo organizes and directs his followers to drop thousands of anti-Semitic flyers across America blaming everything on Jews, from 9/11 to COVID to the war in Ukraine,”

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