EIRS Seals Over 150 Businesses For Defaulting In Remittance Of Consumption Tax, Others, As Name-and-shame Campaign Kicks Off

The Edo Internal Revenue Service (EIRS) has sealed over 150 businesses for defaulting in personal income tax, Withholding Tax and consumption tax remittances, as it commences its name-and-shame campaign to deepen tax compliance.

The Executive Chairman of EIRS, ‘Nidu Inneh, in a statement, said, over 150 defaulting businesses in Oredo Local Government Area (LGA) were affected in the enforcement drive.

According to him, “We have kicked off enforcement of the collection of consumption tax, withholding tax and personal income tax as we commence the name-and-shame campaign. For this campaign, we are going to go round the businesses that are not up to date on their tax payments.”

He said businesses affected include hotels, bars, eateries and restaurants, noting that the exercise is aimed at ensuring that the businesses meet tax obligations due government.

One of the businesses sealed by EIRS for defaulting in personal income tax, withholding tax and consumption tax remittances in Benin City.

Last week, Inneh announced the commencement of the name-and-shame campaign, aimed at calling out high-net individuals and businesses that were not meeting their tax obligations to the government.

“We have resolved to embark on a name-and-shame campaign, as many proprietors who run viable businesses in the state are culpable for tax avoidance and evasion,” he noted.

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