Edo North 2019: Senator Alimikhena Shows Great Sportsmanship, Offers Olive Branch To PDP Candidate Momoh

Senate Deputy Whip Senator Francis Alimikhena, has offered an Olive Branch to his close rival in PDP in the forth coming Edo North 2019 general election Engineer Abubarkar Momoh. Momoh has been enlisted for empowerment and offered an opportunity to secure appointment as legislative aide to Senator Francis Alimikhena.  He is said to be expected to resume his new office within fourteen days from the day of his appointment.

Confirming the appointment, the Personal Assistant to Senator Francis Alimikhena, Benjamin Atu said “The appointment became necessary to tarm the exuberance and constant abuse and inflammatory statement against the Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate by the PDP candidate who has suddenly become volatire creating hostility, restiveness and violence among communities. As part of efforts to engaged him in productive ventures to make him useful to society the Deputy whip of the Senate has offered an Olive branch to him. Unemployment  made Engineer Momoh to engaged in unguided utterances. “Momoh has lose his sense of reasoning.” He has no plan and ambition of his own for the Afemai people he is only been pushed by the PDP State Chairman Dan Orbih to achieve their personal interest.

He maintained that Senator Francis Alimikhena is working for the greatest number of Edo North while the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is out to deepening the hardship of Edo North people.  The action of Engr. Momoh and Dan Orbih who claim not to have seen the developmental strides of Senator Alimikhena was due to their long stay in darkness. Momoh and Orbih are not used to the language of development because it is not the culture of PDP to developed. The Olive branch is to change the PDP candidate orientation and educate him on the language of development as part of the human capacity developmental efforts of the Incumbent Edo North Senator.

In a recent publication, Engr. Momoh has earlier challenged Senator Alimikhena to a debate ahead of the forth coming election but the personal Assistant to the Senator on media in his response has appealed to Engineer Aburbakar Momoh to accept the offer given to him by Senator Alimikhena as part of preparation for the debate. ” We need to engaged Momoh in a productive venture to qualify him for a debate. Senator Alimikhena cannot stood so low to debate with Engr. Momoh who destroyed and drove members of his communities to exile with his violence act to fulfilled political ambition”.  The called for a debate by Momoh has demonstrated the level of his dwindling and doubtful integrity about himself. “If Momoh has perform as former law maker he should not be begging for debate he should let his work speak for him on Election Day.

Momoh should seek for ways pattern his life to catch up with the urbane life style of Senator Alimikhena rather than showing disdained to the best Senator Edo North has ever Produced. The implication of the Olive branch to Momoh is that PDP Edo North will have no senatorial candidate in the 2019 election since Engr. Momoh as been granted an Olive Branch by Senator Alimikhena. Momoh has the right of first refusal and except his appointment is rejected he is expected to proceed to the National Assembly Service commission for his due documentation and necessary training on development administration and behavioral conduct. “This Olive branch is not meant to mock Momoh put to restore his focus since he has lost focus on issue based campaign”.  His insensitive and unguided stance on matters affecting Afemai people in the past has return to haunt him in the forth coming election.

Senator Alimikhena has demonstrated the political will to check the undevelopment scourge that was created in Edo North by the PDP administration. Throughout his political career Engr. Momoh has shown that he is a dangerous person who can go any length to promote his personal interest against the desire of Afemai people. Momoh who has constantly pray and commend Senator Alimikhena for laying developmental benchmark in Edo North has turn suddenly to become an attack dog against the same Senator he had always adored after joining the PDP from behind to seek for the Senator’s job.

Atu appealed to the supporters of Senator Alimikhena to ignore the crude utterances against the incumbent Edo North Senator and remained focused to achieve the greatest desire for the greatest number of Edo North.

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