Edo 2020: Shaibu To Critics, Legislating Is My Business


Deputy Governor of Edo State, Comrade Philip Shaibu, has lashed out against those linking him to 2024 governorship election in the state, saying it has never been in his plan to function in the executive branch of government.

Specifically, Shaibu said the executive aspect of politics was never in his calculation. “It was never in my dream to become a Deputy Governor. I have always loved to serve in the legislative aspect of governance because responsibility and responsiveness to the people keep you alert and it ensures a measure of fairness to everyone.

“How can you accuse a man who was never planning to even become a Deputy Governor that he wanted to be a Governor. Where did such discussion take place?  Festus Ebea should get his legal team ready for further explanation,” Shaibu warned.

Speaking further, the Edo Deputy Governor described Festus Ebea as a mercenary and he has never been close to him because Ebea was an irresponsible legislator who absconded from duty.

“My friends who knew me know that legislating is my business. I have no idea where Festus Ebea cooked up an allegation to distract the good people of Edo Central from tormenting Ize-Iyamu with dented credentials.

“He lied that I told him I wanted to be a Governor since 2012 and he also lied that Governor Obaseki told him he wanted to be a Senator since 2012. When did Festus Ebea become an oracle that myself and Obaseki had to consult him about our future? Does that not show that something must be wrong mentally with the man?” he asked.

According to the Deputy Governor, “Legislating is my business. I love the representative aspect of government and that’s why I have always functioned as a legislature. I left the Edo State House of Assembly to seek an election to the House of Representatives because I believe in representation and giving direct meaning to the lives of people.

“I love bearing the burden of people because I have the capacity to endure and fight for the future of people and parliament offers such an opportunity to fight for the nation. I think Adams Oshiomhole was right over his utterances about Ebea, when he described the failed lawmaker as Ebola.

“Oshiomhole said Festus Ebea is Ebola, I think the Ebola virus is still affecting him. Being the deputy governor today was not in my programme. It was God’s programme and since I became the deputy governor, I have left my future in the hands of God. I am not like them that will want to play God and decide what will happen two or three years from now. No man can determine what will happen tomorrow except God,’’.

In a statement in Benin by the Deputy Governor’s Senior Special Assistant on media, Mr Benjamin Atu, Comrade Shaibu accused the former deputy speaker of absconding from his duty post and as such, has no moral right to comment on the politics of Edo State.

“I did not abscond from my duty post like he did when he was voted by his constituency. He should check my record and his record. I did not abandon my duty post and my people anytime, as he did.

‘’The good people of Edo State and Edo Central should disregard the allegations of Ebea. A man who is mentally unstable should not be taken seriously. If he claims I want to be a Governor, then when did Obaseki also tell him he wants to be a Senator? Shaibu asked, dismissing Ebea’s comments on the 2024 governorship election as sickening and unacceptable.

“We must condemn the evil machination of Ebea, his highly contagious anointing to lie and the satanic style to mislead the people,” he said.

The statement then urged Ebea and his co-travellers to appreciate the exceptional leadership of the Deputy Governor which earned him the title: “Mr. Constituency Projects,” adding that Ebea should face his frustrated principal Ize-Iyamu rather than seeking for people to drag along to their pit.

“He should not speak for me. Festus Ebea should face his principal, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu that Adams Oshiomhole confirmed to be a renowned thief.

“I believe in facing my mandate. I have never had any discussion with him and I will never have any discussion with him. He should stop dragging me into nonsense political talk.

“Ebea should learn a lesson from the classical statement of Abraham Lincoln: ‘You can fool some of the people all the time, and you can fool all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time’.

The statement also thanked the good and peace-loving people of Edo State for refusing to be hoodwinked by the tissue of lies and propaganda being woven and dished out by the ex-deputy speaker and his sponsors.

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