Barcelona-PSG 6-1 Triller: Referee Aytekin In Trouble; Could Be Demoted

The referee in charge of Barcelona’s 6-1 win over Paris Saint-Germain, Deniz Aytekin, could be facing a spell on the sidelines as a result of his performance.

Former world referee, Pierluigi Collina is UEFA’s head of refereeing and is responsible for assigning officials to the various fixtures in the Champions League and Europa League alongside his team of collaborators.

Collina will decide what lies ahead for Aytekin although MARCA understands that his prospects of officiating another Champions League fixture this season do not look good.

Pierluigi Collina 

UEFA sources have confirmed to that it is Collina’s way of cutting mistakes out from his team of officials.

However the body won’t strictly punish the German official, although he could find himself demoted to lesser profile games for the time being or simply removed from action for a specific period.

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