Akinthefirst: Passionately taking his music to greater heights

It is incredible to learn that the Nigerian entertainment industry’s diversity continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

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This is because a specific number of entertainers sprouts throughout the country daily.

As a result, these acts could include music promotion, acting, content development, sketch creation, and so on. However, we must not ignore the long-term influence that these deeds have had on us.

Most of us have probably chuckled, laughed heartily, smiled, scowled at certain posts, and even looked these entertainers up on the internet.

Akinthefirst, the Fascinating Afro-beat musician, appears to be a digital sensation whose name has stayed in the minds of most Nigerians for far too long. Akinpelu Uthman, also known as Akinthefirst, presents his supporters with an exquisite record dubbed “Lust”.

Meanwhile, Akinthefirst is a rising Nigerian musical talent who has risen to the top of the industry and taken his music to new heights.

In an interview, he goes into great detail about himself.

He claimed that the name Akinthefirst came to him during his time at the University’s 100 level. People said he was comparable to Dbanj and that he did this one particular feat that wowed everyone, earning him the moniker “Koko Master.” “It all started as a joke, and here we are,” he said.

Akinthefirst’s accomplishments were impressive in that he did not limit himself to one career path, but instead wanted to diversify his activities and, as a result, strove to use the power of new media to demonstrate his abilities.

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