2023: Advocacy Group Backs Tinubu President

...Says, he has what it takes to do well

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A right group and pro democracy organization, Nigeria Peace Advocacy Group (NPAG), an affiliate of the National Independent Campaign for Tinubu (NICOT), has thrown its weight behind the presidential aspiration of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Convener of the group, Comrade Omolola Olukayode, who gave the reason for backing the APC flag bearer in a chat with our reporter Friday said having taken the risk of participating in a process that showed the military dictators the exit door, he would, through the experience appreciate the damage the dictators had done to the people’s psyche and at the same time know how to right their wrongs, asserting that, “Tinubu would be the right peg in the round hole in Aso Villa in 2023.”

Olukayode recalled that, Tinubu, as a frontline member of the famous National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), took the risk along notable others to chase the jackboots out of the country’s political space and allow democracy to be restored in the country, saying, if, after his sweat and blood expended on the process, he would understand how to handle the affairs of Nigeria better than those who shied away during the fierce struggle.

Besides, the youthful right activist said voting for Tinubu should not be seen as solely to compensate him for his efforts at bringing back democracy to the country but to benefit from the wealth of experience he has garnered along the years, reminding that, “he has been a Senator and governor for two terms in Lagos State and so, he should be allowed to utilize the experience for the progress, development growth of the country.”

According to him, Tinubu has no doubt attained a pedestal whereby he can, with his experience handle the affairs of Nigeria perfectly as president, adding, “Sentiment apart, with his executive and legislative acumens, Tinubu stands shoulder higher than other constants on the field for the same purpose of wanting to become President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 2023.”

The group leader expressed the delights that at least, Nigerians can boast of having a solid presidential material with superb political pedigree, democratic antecedence with an unparalleled achievements,” saying, “with Tinubu in the race the 2023 presidential race is as good as won by the APC because it is a well-known fact that, the APC National Leader knows how to use good brains to attain result.”

So, against the foregoing, Olukayode appealed to Nigerians to use their Permanent Voters Card (PVC), to bring Tinubu in as the next Nigerian President, enthusing he would not disappoint the people.

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