Time Frank Ommends Tanzanian President, Magufuli For Speaking Out Against The Chinese

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Top Political Activist and Fmr. APC Deputy Publicity Secretary, Comrade Timi Frank has commended Tanzanian President, Dr. John Magufuli for his dogged approach towards restoring the Pride of Africa, through some of his actionable measures.

He emphasized that the African Union AU and the Ecowas should follow the footsteps of President John Magufuli who spoke out against how the Chinese have been treating Africans in China, especially at a period the world is suffering from a global Pandemic.
His tweet said: “I hereby commend Tanzania President @MagufuliJP for speaking out against the oppression of Africans in China. I urge @_AfricanUnion and @ecowashr to forget their benefits and gains from China, and follow Magufuli’s footsteps in condemning the Chinese cruel acts against Africans.” The Bayelsan Activist and Political Commentator also condemns Muhammadu Buhari’s Government for selling out Nigeria to the Chinese. He said the Buhari administration has collected several loans from the Chinese government, in which they’ve relooted.
He said: “@MBuhari’s government is only selling Nigeria to the Chinese. They keep collecting loans from the Chinese to share it amongst themselves. This is why they haven’t ceased singing the praises of the Chinese despite what they’re doing to Africans in China.” #TimiFrankTalk”


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