MPs Takes Over Common, Defeat Boris Johnson In Massive Votes Against ‘No-Deal’ Brexit

A cross-party alliance defeated Prime Minister Boris Johnson in parliament on Tuesday in a bid to prevent him taking Britain out of the EU without a divorce agreement – a move that the government warned would thrust Britain towards an October snap election.

Lawmakers voted by 328 to 301 for a motion put forward by opposition parties and rebel lawmakers in Johnson’s party – who had been warned they would be kicked out of the Conservative Party if they defied the government.
More than three years after the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, the defeat leaves the course of Brexit unresolved, with possible outcomes still ranging from a turbulent ‘no-deal’ exit to abandoning the whole endeavor.
Tuesday’s victory is the first hurdle for lawmakers who, having succeeded in taking control of parliamentary business, will on Wednesday seek to pass a law forcing Johnson to ask the EU to delay Brexit until Jan. 31 unless he has a deal approved by parliament beforehand on the terms and manner of the exit.

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