Opinion: Late Professor Emeritus, Abubakar Momoh: An Eulogy By Wasiu Idowu

Professor Abubakar Momoh was born 1965 and died May 2017, was a scholar of international repute who had impacted the academic and the entirety of human endeavour positively. As far as am concerned, I only saw this rare gem once during his life time and all I could sense is scholarship, justice, equality and the spirit of egalitarianism!

About two weeks before his death, Dr Sylvester Odion, the HOD Political Science department and Dr Bamidele Seteolu at the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo in their separate discussion with me informed me of his (Momoh) intending comeback to campus immediately after the end of his tenure at INEC. But I never knew his death is imminent and that I won’t have the opportunity of meeting with him again before he departs this world. So sad!

A Marxist, humanist and an advocate of social justice. He is a man, even before his demise, described as a man of high integrity and purpose. A man whose passion and commitment to social reformation never ceased. A man who I can boldly state had good name among his colleagues in the department of Political Science, LASU.

He was only 52, to have been 53 next August 28. An intellectual of repute. Respected writer and columnist. An erudite scholar. A professor of political science. Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at LASU.

Prof Momoh is also a renowned civil rights activist, member of the advisory board of the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) and Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD).

He was until his death, the Director-General of the Electoral Institute of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

At 52 years, he was able to achieve this much! wow! life is dynamic. Though not surprised knowing the likes of ‘Walter Rodney’, who died at the age of 38, was also able to write his name in gold!

As we stand at this period to mourn the death of Prof. Momoh, let’s have a sober reflection of his life time; of what he stood for and for what he believe is the right thing.

Again, as we mourn this young professor of emeritus, let’s objectively analyse the life and time of this teacher whose main interest is to chart the way forward for a society devoid of social injustice and inequality. He has for sure leave an indelible mind which cannot be erased.

May his gentle soul continue to rest in peace.

Adieu Prof Abubakar Momoh

Kotin-Oyepeju Wasiu Idowu, President Political Science department, LASU writes in from Lagos

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