Ekiti 2018: Time For A Visionary Leadership

By Omowale Titilola


Yet again, the time for our people to elect new leadership for our dear state has dawn. And already, different characters who seeks to govern our state in the face of the shabby outlook of affairs, have thronged the space and bombarded our people with varying promises.

But, we must all watch it and critically evaluates those angling for Ekiti top seat and the ideas they shared in delivering governance that tallies with our yearnings and aspirations. More importantly, we should have the courage to try something new, something fresh, something different from the past of regrets.

We can make a bold statement by picking a new age leader, whose thinking and ideal matched with the new order that is dictating the pace of developments across the globe. This is not the time to succumb to cheap propagandas and being brainwashed, instead, we should look at the personality, antecedent, experience and backgrounds of those aspiring to govern us, to decipher their capacity and willingness to drive a new Ekiti we all dream of.

We must be bold enough to dispute arguments that a new face cannot make a positive change. We must be candid to remind them that past experiences have only brought regrets but a new face with the right ideas and commitment to service offers hope.

We must also emphasise for their understandings that what Ekiti need at this dire moment is a pro-people leader genuinely ready to place people first. Someone who is concerned about fixing our tomorrow, today and creating a society that serves the people, no matter their social status.

As our challenges has taken new dimension, so also is the need for us to embrace a new and fresh leader, whose modern knowledge and exposures have prepared to tackle the challenges faced by our people today. This is what is obtainable across the globe and Ekiti shouldn’t be an exception.

Insist on a new face with strong entrepreneural background, who have built businesses and can build a sustainable Ekiti. We must be careful not to repeat the mistake of the past, where our governance is sold to the highest bidder. We must realised that our oppressor, those in government, have the deep pocket and state resources to elongate our sufferings.

We must remove the veil of fear and dare the establishment by embracing aspirant with positive mindset and ideas to liberate us from the pang of poverty.



We should get out into the field, mobilise our friends and family to reject further enslavement and repression. July 14 is the day we should kick-start our redemption to prosperous future and we must not let it slip away.

However, I have made a choice. A choice that clearly defined the future of Ekiti of our dreams– a future of prosperity and growth. Otunba Segun Adewale (Aeroland), bodes a right choice for Ekiti restoration.

Many reasons abound for my choice. Otunba Adewale is an entrepreneur who have distinguished himself. From an unfeasible ground, he grew Aeroland Travel LTD, to top in the sector, returning billions in Naira as revenue annually.



That shows he is a builder, which Ekiti state is in dire need of at this crucial moment. Just as he transformed his private business to a source of recurring revenue, Ekiti will witness tremendous growth in revenue generation bearing from his innovative approaches.

Also, Otunba Adewale have always identifies with the downtrodden. A philanthropist well noted for his dedication to the cause of humanity. He’s always passionate to provide succor to their pains. In his private ventures, he have provided jobs for hundreds, if not thousands of people, both directly and indirectly. Even more, about 80% of this figure are Ekiti descendants. Hundreds of young people are on his scholarship scheme, not minding dozens of people he have helped to start their own businesses and guided them to success.

As the July 14 governorship election lurks, we must ask ourselves whether to remain stuck in the sordid experience of the past or embrace a new order that assures us of a better tomorrow. But, I believed that just as I have identified with a new and fresh face with the capacity to give us a choice of a better living, I have no doubt that you will all take the patriotic moves of sharing my view for Ekiti to progress.

Before I drop my pen, I will like to prick your conscience to note that our society cannot improve when our worst are ruling us and as such, it’s not too late to retrace your steps and embrace a visionary leader which Otunba Adewale represents. I urge you to reject old ways and join the push for a better tomorrow for Ekiti state.

This suffering must end and it is you and I (I meant all of us in Ekiti) holds that decision. Let’s make it happen by supporting Otunba Segun Adewale (Aeroland) as the Governor of Ekiti state.


Omowale Titilola is a student of Ekiti State University (EKSU) and writes from Ado-Ekiti

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