COVID-19: Group Backs Lagos Over Online Poll For Lockdown

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A pro-democracy organisation, Campaign for Dignity in Governance (CDG), has thrown its weight behind the Lagos Government initiative to conduct a poll survey through the Social Media, saying there is nothing awkward in so doing.


The group, in a statement from its National President, Comrade Razaq Olokoba was reacting to the opposition being mounted in some quarters against the initiative, suspecting that those opposing it are doing so out of political hatred.


According to Olokoba, it’s a civilized initiative for government to conduct a public opinion as it is one of the most recognized and acceptable to know the true position of the people on an issue of collective concern.


Citing instances, the youth leader reminded that, “the United Kingdom (UK), conducted Public Opinion Poll on Brexit, just as Scottish referendum was a public opinion pattern,” reminding that, “Public opinion that stopped trump from flouting the America from a Nationwide shut down was conducted through social media.”


A responsible government, Olokoba said, will do this so as to be on the same page with the people being governed, praising the Sanwo-Olu’s administration for being responsible, responsive and civilised in the way it has been conducting the affairs of the state all this while.


While urging the government on, the CDG boss emboldened it not to back down from the initiative he described as wonderful, he reminded that, “on COVID-19, every country of the world today are making decisions based on the opinion of their people,” wondering why should Lagos be an exemption!


“We are in a democracy. It is only a dictatorial government that will not bother about the opinion of its citizens. We support the government and express our gratitude to it for doing well. Lagos State Government should be guided by the principle of the second coming of the lockdown if it becomes necessary based on medical advice. The government should the courage to go ahead. Civil Society groups like ours and other well-meaning Nigerians will continue to walk the talk with the government,” Razaq concluded.

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