Chukwumah Ugbomah: A New Dimension To Leadership

By Ovie Samuel Omugbe



As the preparation for the transition to democratic rule intensified in 1999, one very costly mistake made by the patriots of this country was to doubt the sincerity of the military junta of Gen. Abdusalami Abubakar.

Those who had the capacity to deliver purposeful leadership to this nation stayed away from the electoral process for fear that the military government may later truncate thesame process it initiated like the Ibrahim Babangida-led government did.

This however left the process in the hands of gamblers who were ready to stake thier all not minding what the outcome may be.

Surprisingly, the Abdusalami government sticked to its words and handed over Nigeria to the gamblers and men of questionable character who at that time presented themselves for leadership. This is the reason why we are where we are today as a nation.

Today, the awareness has reached crescendo. The music is changing and so is the dance step. Men with good track records are presenting themselves for leadership to the warm welcome of the people.

One of such characters that appears towering among the lots irrespective of the barometer for assessment is Engr. Chukwumah Ugbomah,’ a renowned construction engineer, industrialist and philanthropist, who has over the years written his name in gold in the heart of the people.

His intent to represent the good people Ndokwa East constituency at the State House of Assembly under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has been viewed by many as timely and necessary. Since he began his consultation with elders, leaders and important stakeholders of Ndokwa East constituency, he has been viewed by many as the party’s favourite candidate.

Many leaders of the party has seen this as an opportunity to eldge out the old brigade and replace them with men like Chukwumah who posses in no small measures the much needed intellectual dexterity to legislate for the good of the state.

With a sound academic background devoid of skirmishes and over two unbroken decades of profound participation in the labour market at the top echelon of the construction business, there is no doubt that the emergence of chukwumah will bring great relief to Ndokwa East and the state at large.

Indeed, it is a statement of fact that Chukwumah’s intent to justle for the party ‘s ticket with big names with deep pockets is more or less revolutionary. It is a move to right the wrongs of the past and to recover the years lost to under-representation.

His greatest motivation is the need to give to the people of Ndokwa East all that is due them by resuscitating dead infrastructures, connect rural communities and empowering the people to a level of self-sustainance.

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