Agege SLG, Abiola Advises Youth On Int’l Youth Day

International Youth Day!!

My message is simple and clear.

A day and time when youth representatives, organizations, structures and associations will come together for a common vision, goal, purpose and definition. Then, we can as one body sell to the makers of decision and leaders an ideology that can affect that average youth financially, materially, economically, socially and most importantly psychologically.

A day when every Nigerian youth will speak the same language from different tribes and organization. A day when the vision of youth activism be returned to its original drive to speak, fight and account on behalf of the weak and defenceless youth.

I crave for a day when a young, vibrant youth with ideas and talent can walk into the bank and easily secure a soft loan to drive small business and grow it to become an employer of labour, a day when the less privileged youth can secure study loans, a day when farmlands can be given for free, a day when the disabled youths can be placed on monthly stipends, a day when scholarships will be for the very many who deserve it.

I pray and seek for a voice spoken in one accord to erase and dislodge the gun power in front of us where over tens of decades have come by with all tertiary institutions producing a chunk of graduate in hundreds of thousands to join the already congested labour market.

We can as one under clog of voices bring forth initiatives that can create a workable ideology for the average Nigerian youth. Together we can make it work … Together it will surely work.

Greatest Nigerian Youths!! Youth organizations, youth association, youth structures, youth councils, someday soon we can all stand tall and have ONE YOUTH FORUM with a single ideology.


God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Comrade Abiola Oluwagbenga

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