2019: Buhari Has Won, Senator Alimikhena Assure

Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate Representing Edo North Senator Francis Alimikhena has assured the people of Edo State that President Muhammadu has already won the forth coming general election based on the level of support and endorsement from over fifty political parties and other  groups across the Nation.


“The massive support APC is enjoying from Nigerians is a sign of the Political death of the PDP in Nigeria.” The time and reign of PDP is over in Nigeria. From every level of assessment and from all indications, APC will have landslide victory Nation wide” There is no way that APC will not dominate Saturday Polls.


Senator Francis Alimikhena affirmed APC is the only political party that can rule Nigeria very well. He said that  the ongoing gimmicks of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of the 2019 general election is a monumental waste of time and energy because PDP members are the cause of hunger in Nigeria. A Political party that plunged Nigerians into a deep economic and financial mess requires spiritual redemption and you cannot be redeemed without acknowledging your mistakes. PDP has not learnt and therefore cannot be voted in Nigeria until they admit their guilt. PDP does not have anything to campaign apart from spreading tissues of lies and saying things that are beyond their capacity.”


Senator Francis Alimikhena who is the APC Senatorial candidate for Edo North was speaking during last lap of his campaign tour across all the political wards in Owan West and Etsako East local Government at the weekend. He berated his main opponent in the Edo North Senatorial race Engineer Abubaker Momoh over his promise to establish secondary school in Ebele Community in Etsako East. “Individual don’t build secondary School but government. He accused Engineer Momoh for spreading lies saying Momoh came to spread lies that he will build Secondary school. Don’t listen to his lies because he does not have the capacity to establish Secondary School” Government schools are built and own by government not individuals.


According to Senator Alimikhena, Engineer Momoh was in House of Assembly, he was a local Government Chairman and House of Representatives member, he could not bring secondary school to Ebele community with the help of government. Now as an individual he is promising to build school that he could not achieve with the might of government. Don’t mind him and do not believe PDP.”


The Edo North Senator Maintained that Development is spread according to votes and support, Therefore if you want this Community to be transformed do not vote for PDP.  It is only when you vote for APC that development will come here. We will not only establish secondary school but also construct the Okpekpe road to Okpella.


“Yesterday I was with Governor Godwin Obaseki and we have agreed that the Ebelle Okpekpe road will be connected to Okpella. We will achieve it through counterpart funding . Vote for me as your Senator, Vote for Buhari for President and vote for only APC and in the next few months work with start on the road and APC government will establish ,secondary school here and employe members of your community as teachers. Do not waste your vote for PDP. PDP can never again win an election in Nigeria senator Alimikhena assured.

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