UBA Advice Students To Save For Better Future

As a component of exercises to stamp the Financial Literacy Day, the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, a week ago had an interactions with understudies of the Gateway Secondary School, Abeokuta, Ogun State, to instruct them on the need to develop the way of life of reserve funds.
An Executive Director of the bank, Ayoku Liadi, who tended to the understudies, focused on the requirement for them to soak up the propensity for reserve funds, and contributing, “even from their pocket money and gifts,” demanding that was the main way they could get ready for a superior future.
He prompted them to take a sign from fruitful businessmen and women in Nigeria, for example, Tony Elemelu, Aliko Dangote and Folorunso Alakija, saying they all began from reserve funds from their “little income”.
Liadi, who made an influence guide introduction toward the understudies, let them know,  “It is the money invested wisely that will grow and the one not invested will be spent on other things,” and encouraged them to have a dream and spare towards it.

He stated: “Financial Literacy is quite important to pupils. How I wish I had this kind of opportunity to listen to a lecture like this while I was in the secondary school

“It is good to know how to learn, how to make money, save that money, and how to invest that money.”

In accomplishing their aims, Liadi engaged the understudies to cease from get-rich-fast state of mind and any fake demonstrations.

“Stay away from getting rich quick. Don’t engage in fraud or fraudulent activities. Get away from the culture getting rich quick. Don’t steal your parents’ or guardians’ money because you want to save. Work hard and be focused,” he advised.

Distinguishing the current year’s topic as: ‘Learn, Save and Earn’, Liadi said the best way to be reasonable was for them to have a financial plan, which would control their spending, and square spillages.
The monetary master asked the understudies to begin saving right on time so as to secure their future and get ready for unanticipated conditions.
Liadi later gave books to the school’s library and presented gifts students, who made helpful contribution during the program.

Identifying this year’s theme as: ‘Learn, Save and Earn’, Liadi said the only way to be prudent was for them to have a budget, which would guide their spending, and block leakages.

The Principal of the School, Ismail Babarinsa, said thanks to the organisers of the program, and communicated the conviction that the lessons learnt had would go far in urging the understudies to begin saving.

A JSS 3 understudy of the school, Bankole Damilola, said she was delighted with the program, saying: “I have now learnt how to start saving for my future.”
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