Tyson Fury’s Wife Suffered Racist Attacks For Being Gypsy

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The wife of two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, Paris, revealed that she has been the victim of racist attacks on social networks since she joined a TV show in the UK just because she is a gypsy.

The influencer made this confession in her new book, Love & Fury, where she mentions that the criticism against her has not affected her.

“If a stranger from cyberspace tells me that dirty gyppos shouldn’t be on television, it’s in one ear, out the other,” Paris wrote on her book.

Fury’s wife, 32, became a regular panelist on the ITV show Loose Women after appearing as a guest on several occasions, which caused the displeasure of some people, who have attacked her on social media.

Fury has assured that she has no problem with being called a gypsy, a term with which she feels comfortable because she does not consider it an insult, but a race.

“Gypsy is a race – it’s a race of people – so it’s not an insult in any way,” she said to Martin Lewis.

“But the problem is, for hundreds of years, there’s been that real derogatory term that if you’re a gypsy, you’re a problem, you’re an outcast,” she added.

Paris even recalled an episode during her childhood, when she was not allowed to enter a movie theater just because she was a gypsy.

“That has been lingering on to this day, and I’ve suffered racial terms, I’ve faced those problems. Even as a kid being refused entry to a cinema.

“It’s not an insult and for people who find it hard to say, ‘You’re a gypsy’, it should never be an insult and never be a hard word to use,” she added.

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