Oymyakon: The Coldest Habitable Place Where Temperatures Reach -71.2 Degrees

Storm Filomena has brought some of the most adverse weather conditions Spain has ever seen during winter. The country has recorded its lowest ever temperature of minus 35.6 degrees centigrade in Vega de Liordes.

However, as cold as that may seem, there are places in the world that see their temperatures plummet to even harsher depths.

The coldest habitable place on earth is, in fact, in Siberia, Russia. The population of Oymyakon, currently made up of some 450 people, are exposed to average temperatures of minus 50 degrees in the month of January.

Oymyakon is the scene of the lowest temperature on record in the Northern Hemisphere, with the settlement seeing a measurement of minus 71.2 degrees on January 26, 1926.

Antarctica holds the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded, with minus 89.2 degrees recorded at the Vostok base in 1983.

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