Man Bags 14 Years Imprisonment For Raping A Virgin

“In the light of all my findings, the prosecution has proven their case beyond reasonable doubt. I find you Kenechukwu Okonkwo guilty of rape contrary to Section 258(1) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011.

“I thusly sentence you to 14 years detainment initiate from today March 24, 2017.” Before the sentencing, advice to Okonkwo, Mr Worer Obuagbaka in his allocutus, requested that court temper equity with leniency, contending that Okonkwo was a first time guilty party and was apologetic.

“The convict is a first time guilty party and the main child of his family, he lost his mom a year ago to cervical tumor and he has been in authority since December 2013.”During this period, he has learnt his lesson, I beg the court to pass a light sentence on the convict and to temper equity with kindness.”

“He has been in authority since 2013, amid this period he has learnt his lessons, he begged the court to pass a light judgment and to temper equity with benevolence. ” Oduagbaka argued.

While conveying judgment, Ipaye said that assault is a genuine wrongdoing, which must be eradicated.”Rape is a demonstration of an outrageous brutality against ladies, society must have zero resistance to this demonstration against the fair individuals from the general public.” the judge said

In any case, the prosecutor drove by Mr Kazeem Adeniji, the Lagos State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, indicated thankfulness for the judgment.”Thank you My Lady for the all around considered and savvy judgment.”During the trial, the indictment drove by Adeniji said that Okonkwo submitted the offense on Dec. 27, 2013 in his one – room flat situated in Ketu Lagos.

“The complainant was a 29-year-old businessperson (name withheld) who was a virgin. She moved toward becoming companions with Okonkwo, who was a security watch working at a store where she provided products.

In her declaration under the steady gaze of the court, the casualty told court that she has settlement issues and was going to be ousted from her home, yet trusted in Okonkwo about her issue and he offered to keep some of her property in his loft.

“I came to examine his loft, which was a ‘confront me I confront you,’ questioning the reasonableness of his flat. I needed to leave, yet he obstructed the leave, he commandingly dragged me from the hall into his flat.

“I was shouting and beseeching him in Igbo dialect yet he said I’ve been languishing him over too long, I yelled for assist however he choked me with a wrapper and commanding lay down with me in his room.”

She additionally told court that the clamor and disturbance in the loft pulled in Okonkwo’s co-inhabitants, who came to intercede to no avail.”It was the point at which the landowner thumped on Okonkwo’s way to enquire about the commotion that the complainant could get away.”

With all due respect, Okonkwo denied the assault and asserted that the sex amongst him and the complainant was consensual.”We were companions, I revealed to her I enjoyed her and wanted to wed her; she for the most part went by me at my loft on Sundays with individuals from her congregation.

“On that critical day, I went to a naming function and keeping in mind that I was leaving the service, I got a telephone call from the complainant saying that she was at my house.”I got the opportunity to home, she gathered the sack of unadulterated water I was conveying and asked me what I needed to eat and I revealed to her I needed to eat indomie. She changed into a couple of tights from her pants to make the indomie and I played a grown-up motion picture, which we observed together, while we ate. She made me guarantee that I will wed her and from there on we had intercourse,” he said.

When he was interviewed by Adeniji, the convict conceded in opposition to his declaration that the complainant went to him surprisingly upon the arrival of the incident.But the judge, who noticed the irregularities in Okonkwo’s declaration, stated, “the respondent is not just prudent with reality, he ought not be accepted. There were irregularities in his declarations and his longstanding companion, who affirmed on his benefit as DW2, couldn’t knew her as his sweetheart.

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