Green Horizons: Unveiling Niger State’s Bold Leap Into Agricultural Dominance

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At the forefront of agricultural innovation, Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago recently toured the site of 5,000 advanced agricultural implements and the upgraded terminal at Minna International Airport.

This initiative is in preparation for President Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s much-anticipated visit to launch these key projects. Demonstrating steadfast readiness for the President’s visit, Governor Bago confirmed that a significant number of tractors would be ready in time, highlighting the state’s dedication to agricultural excellence.

The Airport City Free Zone project embarks on developing 2,000 hectares for agriculture, divided equally between cultivating vegetables and fruits and dairy and livestock production.

This endeavour seeks to transform Niger State into a leading agro-processing zone focused on exports, positioning it as a future powerhouse in Africa.

Regarding infrastructure improvement, the plan includes using the Shiroro Dam for irrigation and setting up an 80-megawatt power supply.

This strategy aims to provide a reliable electricity source for the airport and the agro-processing zone, enhancing the project’s attractiveness to investors and securing its triumph.

By calling upon the citizens for their support, Governor Bago emphasises his dedication to transforming Niger State into a predominant agricultural centre.

This ambition seeks to develop local agriculture and establish the state as a significant agricultural entity across Africa.

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