Exclusive! Ekiti 2018: We Deserve Better Leadership, Says APC Aspirant, Agbalajobi

Segun Agbalajobi

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Governorship aspirant in Ekiti State,  Mr Segun
Agbalajobi, has expressed his concern that the State deserve better
leadership in the 2018 governorship election.

Agbalajobi who stated this during an exclusive interview with
worldtopnewsng.blogspot.com.ng, in his Oye Ekiti country home said the
state has been misrepresented since over a decade ago “for so long now
have they been misrepresented and badly governed that now is the time
for change, change for the better” Agbalajobi said.
He added that “Ekiti state holds some of the brightest minds and most educated people in Nigeria.”
The business mogul believe Ekiti State can become a role model to all
other states in all fields, especially education “education is key, we
in Ekiti have highest number of elites in the country, so through people
of our caliber other states can emulate us”, said Agbalajobi.
“Knowledge is power, not just Ekiti state, but Nigeria as a whole to
become a major influence in world matters, the education system must
improve drastically.
“No more should students of any age have to miss out on their education
either because they cannot afford it or because their teachers are on
He reiterated on the need for all tribes in Nigeria to forget their differences and unite as one nation.
When asked his motive of aspiring Governorship in the state Agbalajobi
said “am not a poor man trying to become wealthy, neither am not a
wealthy man looking for power and influence but to put things in order.
“My plan is to make our dear state business haven, to improve our
economy through agriculture, tourism, infrastructural development among
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