Yikodeen Footwear Launches Boss Look Promo; Honour Keke Napep Rider

It was all emotional in Bode Thomas, Surulere, on Tuesday, 6th March, 2016 as a commercial tricycle rider called Samuel, got surprised with a brand new pair of shoe whilst going about his daily business.

The commercial rider who wore a corporate look, one which is unlike the typical “Keke Napep Rider’s” outfit, got the attention of riders and passengers alike as they commended how he moved with so much panache.

This attracted a Nigerian Footwear Manufacturing company, Yikodeen Footwear Limited who embarked on a rally to create awareness for their recently launched campaign, Yikodeen Boss Look Promo.

In an interview with the Chief Financial Officer, Promise Godbold, he highlighted the idea behind carrying out this act of generosity. He said they saw the uniqueness in the young man’s outfit and appreciated his effort to look good regardless of the nature of his job.

This goes in line with the Yikodeen Boss Look Promo as it is aimed at giving the young entrepreneurs the opportunity to look like the Bosses that they are without eating deeply into their income by providing slash sales on their dream footwear. He said.

The Brand Manager of the company, Itua Ayo, added that the gift is one of the series of activities that the company intends to embark on during this campaign as part of its corporate social responsibility. He also said that the Yikodeen Boss Look Promo is not limited to just entrepreneurs but is aimed at serving everyone who intends make a great fashion statement with decently priced, comfortable, durable and highly fashionable shoes.

Speaking about the campaign, Itua went on to say that Yikodeen Footwear is positioning itself as an idea Lead brand by championing the “Buy Made in Nigeria” course and commended the government’s efforts to encourage local manufacturers by enacting favorable policies. He however said that more could be done to further improve local manufacturing.

Another campaign Launched recently by the company is The Footwear for Our Defenders Campaign targeted at appreciating the Uniform Men and Women who work fervently to ensure Law and Order is maintained, defend the Unity and sovereignty of our nation as well as Protect Lives and Properties of the citizens.
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