White House To Seek Billions Of Dollars In New Funds For Border Crisis, Says Politico

The White House is expected to soon ask Congress for billions of dollars in emergency funding to deal with the humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, says Politico according to multiple sources, although none of these funds will be used for a border wall.


The request, which has been under discussion for about a month inside the White House, could come as soon as this week, said the sources, although the timing is still unclear.


The supplemental spending request is likely run into resistance from House Democrats, still upset over President Donald Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency and divert Pentagon funds to his border wall project. Democrats and others have sued Trump over that action.


The debate will also give Democrats a chance to question administration officials over Trump’s immigration policies, including changes to U.S. asylum regulations, detention of minors and families, and a hugely controversial plan to send migrants to “sanctuary cities,” an idea floated publicly by Trump to heavy Democratic criticism.


In addition to more money for the Homeland Security Department, the White House is also expected to seek additional funds for Health and Human Services and the Justice Department “every stage of migrant processing,” said one source familiar with the request.

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