Trump Told To Mute Twitter Critics, Not Block Them, By New York Judge

A judge has advised US President Donald Trump to mute rather than block his Twitter critics after users of the service filed a lawsuit against him.



Seven people sued Mr Trump after he blocked them from seeing his tweets, arguing that it was unconstitutional.



But District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald suggested the president mute the accounts he does not want to see.



“Isn’t the answer he just mutes the person he finds personally offensive?” she asked the court in New York.



“He can avoid hearing them by muting them,” she added.



People on Twitter are unable to see or respond to tweets from accounts that block them.



But if Mr Trump muted an account, he would not see that user’s tweets but the user could still see and respond to his.



The president is an avid user of the social media forum, and has more than 48 million followers on his realDonaldTrump account which he uses to praise allies and lambast critics.

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