Trump Not Expected To Declare Border National Emergency In Speech

Donald Trump is not expected to declare a national emergency during his prime-time address on Tuesday, three sources familiar with the matter told CNN, a possibility the President has floated in recent days.


Instead, Trump is expected to focus on making his case to the public that the situation on the southern border is a crisis and argue that the wall is a necessary remedy.


Two sources said Trump is still focused on winning the public relations battle, believing he can turn up the heat on Democrats by convincing more of the country that a wall is necessary.


Trump was still working closely with top aides, including his chief speechwriter and policy adviser Stephen Miller, into the afternoon to fine tune his speech, one person familiar with Trump’s thinking said, and he has been known to make last-minute changes.


Advisers have warned Trump about the legal battle the administration will surely face if he does declare a national emergency to fulfill his signature campaign promise amid a clash with Democrats over funding the wall.

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