Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani, In Divorce Court, Is Accused Of Spending $12 K On Cigars

President Donald Trump’s lawyer in the Russia investigation is enmeshed in another high-stakes legal battle — against his estranged wife.


Rudy Giuliani was in state Supreme Court in New York on Wednesday, where a lawyer for Judith Giuliani claimed the former New York City mayor has spent over $900,000 since April while claiming he has financial difficulties.


Among the expenditures by “America’s Mayor” were $12,012 on cigars and $7,131 on fountain pens over a five-month period, Judith Giuliani’s lawyer, Bernard Clair, told Justice Michael Katz, according to NBC New York affiliate WNBC.


In that same time frame, Giuliani, 74, also spent over $286,000 on his alleged mistress, $447,938 “for his own enjoyment” and $165,000 on travel for himself, Clair said.

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