Senator Melaye’s Recall Fails As INEC Release Official Result

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC have just released the results of the Saturday’s recall verification validation exercise of distinguished Sen Dino Melaye, APC, Kogi West Senatorial District at the INEC office, Lokoja.


According to the Resident Electoral Commissioner in Lokoja Kogi State, the result detailed as released;
Total numbers of registered voters in Kogi West 351, 140.


Total numbers of petitioners signatures is 189, 870.


Total numbers of signatures present for accreditation was 20, 868.


Total numbers of signatures verified and present for recall 18, 743.


According to result and details as released by INEC, constitutional requirements and percentage to effect the recall of Sen Dino Melaye, Kogi West by the petitioners is 50% plus 1.


In the light of the of the above, haven’t failed to meet the constitutional requirements of 50 % plus 1 in which the total percentage garnered by the petitioner in the validation exercise is just (5. 34 percent) out of 50 % 1 as required by law, INEC, thereby declare the petition as failed, invalid, ineffective and incompetent entirely to activate the recall of distinguished Sen Dino Melaye.


The petition is also not qualified for (Referendum) which could have been the next stage according to law haven’t failed woefully to secure just 5.34% out of the constitutionally required 50% +1.


Kogi West Senatorial agent for Sen Dino Melaye, Mahmud Director from Lokoja who was visibly elated and happy was at INEC office confirmed the details of the results.
The results was announced in this presence of agents, media, civil society organization present, observers and security agencies.

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