Senate Passes Resolution To Overturn Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

The Senate delivered a high-profile rebuke to President Donald Trump over his signature agenda issue Thursday when 12 Republicans joined Democrats to overturn the President’s national emergency border declaration.


The vote was 59-41, an overwhelming vote against the President’s executive action.


Lawmakers don’t have enough votes, however, to override a certain veto from the President, but the passage of the resolution in the Senate after it passed the House last month is nevertheless an embarrassing blow to Trump delivered by his own party over the President’s top campaign pledge of a wall at the US-Mexico border.


Twelve Senate Republicans who voted in support of the resolution.


The setback for the President also comes on the heels of another high-profile break with his administration after the Senate voted just one day earlier to curtail US military support for a Saudi-led war in Yemen, which has created a humanitarian crisis in that country.

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