Ronaldo Storms Down Juventus Tunnel After Being Subbed

Cristiano Ronaldo was substituted in the 55th minute during Juventus’ Serie A clash with AC Milan on Sunday, with the 34-year-old heading straight down the tunnel after being replaced.

Reports from Italy also suggest Ronaldo would go on to leave the stadium three minutes before the end of the match. 

Ronaldo was also replaced midweek in the Champions League with Sarri revealing the full extent of his star’s fitness issues and stressing that he’s fine with the attacker being upset about the situation.

“We must thank Ronaldo, because he made a sacrifice to be there at all tonight in a difficult situation,” Sarri told Sky Sport Italia post-match.

“He did everything possible to play, but I saw he was not well and thought it best to take him off. It’s only natural a player is going to be irritated to leave the pitch, especially when he worked so hard to be there.

“Over the last month, he has had this little knee problem, he had a knock in training and it hurt the collateral ligament. When he trains at high intensity or plays, it unbalances him, so he ends up overcompensating and it damages the calf and thigh muscles.

“It is affecting his performances and he is not at his best at the moment. All players who are trying to give their best will have at least five minutes of being annoyed when they are substituted, but a coach would in general be much more worried if he didn’t seem upset.”

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