Ramadhan: MUSWEN Urges Muslims To Wait For Crescent

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The Muslim Ummah of Southwest Nigeria (MUSWEN) has admonished all Muslims in the country’s Southwest region to shield against any hypothesis about the beginning of this year’s Ramadhan fast.
The admonition was published by MUSWEN’s Executive Secretary, Professor Muslih Tayo Yahya on Sunday, April 19, 2020 in perspective affirmed speculations generating the rounds about the commencement of this year’s Ramadan fast.
While enjoining the Muslim Ummah in the region to be grateful to Allah for sparing their lives, despite the global coronavirus pandemic lockdown circumstance imposed on them by an expediency of the moment, Professor Yahya said the Ummah had transcended an era of undue tangle over moon sighting at the beginning or completion of Ramadhan fast in Nigeria.
According to him, the whole Nigerian Muslim Ummah is already blessed with a very qualified leader in the person of His Eminence, Dr. Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, CFR, mni, the Sultan of Sokoto, who, by his esteemed position as the President General of Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), is the only undisputable leader with the statutory authority to make official announcement on when to start or end Ramadan fast in Nigeria.
He said His Eminence is very much conscious that sighting the relevant crescent as a condition for commencing or ending Ramadhan fast has a due process which he has never ignored in favour of personal whim.
Intensifying that NSCIA is the apex body of the whole Nigerian Muslims while MUSWEN is the umbrella body for the Southwest Muslims, Professor Yahya cautioned the Muslims in the six States of the Southwest region to avoid any distraction that may negatively intrude with the serenity already delightfully ventilated by the unity of the Ummah in the country.
Professor Yahya appealed to Nigeria’s Southwest Muslims to resolutely uphold the procedure of the existing Muslim unity in Nigeria and take hold of the opportunity of the incoming blessed month of Ramadhan to pray, as a unified body, to the Almighty Allah, for safety, peace and mercy.
He recalled the Muslims in the region of the Qur’anic verse that instructed Muslims generally to “..obey Allah, obey the Messenger (of Allah) and those vested with authority among you” (Q. 4:59) and pleaded with the Southwest Muslims not to confront Allah by querying His issuance of that divine instruction.
Professor Yahya then advised the Southwest State Muslim Communities as well as Muslim Organizations that happen to be the major stake holders in MUSWEN to wait for an authoritative official announcement by the Sultan before starting this year’s Ramadhan fast.
He counseled the Southwest Muslims to expect the announcement of 1441 AH Ramadhan commencement by His Eminence, the Sultan, through the electronic and print media, as basic, at the appropriate time.
In light of this, the MUSWEN Executive Secretary has advised all Imams and other Muslim clerics as well as the generality of Muslims in Nigeria not to concede in praying the Almighty Allah to rescue Nigeria and indeed the whole world from the catastrophe of the current wrecking pandemic called COVID-19.

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